Why is Pretty So Important?

Why is Pretty So Important?

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Are you on Pinterest?

I’ve been using the social site more and more lately and have realized that I’ve been increasingly focused on “pretty”.  Pretty images draw me in making me want to “Pin” them for later inspiration.

Appearance has always been of importance in society, but with social media there is such a growing display of it. In the past, if you had a pretty home then those who visit it would take notice. Now with so many décor and DIY [Do It Yourself] bloggers we get a glimpse into their pretty homes daily. I often find myself lost in their posts both in awe and inspired by ideas for my own home.

I think there are three main reasons we are attracted to Pretty.

  1. Pretty inspires us
  2. Pretty reflects our inner desires
  3. Pretty is pleasing

We are told not to focus on outward appearances so I am a bit nervous to confess that I think pretty is important and I think that’s ok. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s the most important or even close, but I do think that it has value.  I’m ok with being attracted to pretty for the reasons above.

The problems arise when this is the only focus or when there is nothing beneath the cover. Judging a book solely by it’s cover is no good, but why can’t the cover be taken into consideration? It’s part of the overall book after all. I think it’s okay to care about looking your best and wanting to put your best self out there for the world to see.

What do you think? Is it okay to care about appearance? When is it that we go too far?

photo credit: T. Kiya

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