Strategic Planning Starts Here

Strategic Planning Starts Here

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
Peter Drucker

If you haven’t gotten your culture right, it really doesn’t matter what your strategy is.  If you want strategic planning efforts to go well and your decisions to be faithfully implemented, you need to start by building the proper foundation for any successful collaboration; you need to start by building Community in your organization.

Why?  Community building is relationship building, a transformational process that fosters a sense of who the group is as a whole; their mission, values, goals and vision.  Community building has the ability to craft a Community culture.  There is none better.

You can see the decisions of a company’s strategic planning exercises by looking at the factors the company measures with its Satisfaction Survey.  A moving company, for instance, will ask things like, were the movers in uniform, were they professional and was the move timely.

A moving company with Community consciousness will ask those questions, too,  but it will also ask whether or not the movers welcomed you to the city or to your new home in it.  They will want to know whether or not the movers inquired as to the reason for the relocation, and for your impressions of the area. They would have helped you feel at home.

The staff of a company with Community consciousness is aware they are New Home Ambassadors and that their friendliness can initiate a ripple effect that can change not only their customer’s impressions of the company but their customer’s impressions of the city.  They are faced with the opportunity – all the working day long – to change lives.  They do this naturally when they have Community consciousness.

And how much more fulfilling it is to spread kindness than to just move furniture.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt 

Every organization can benefit from building a Community culture: it is the most strategic way to begin planning for success.

At Kalliergo, we help organizations develop a Community culture.  Let’s schedule a Zoom call to talk about it.

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