The Key to Creating Fortunate Coincidences

The Key to Creating Fortunate Coincidences

Today we welcome Bryan Thompson. You’ve seen him around Life, for instance before. Finally we were able to schedule a guest post for him! We’re in for a treat as Bryan leads us in a discussion about coincidence!

Have you ever had a fortunate coincidence? Some people call them God-winks. They’re the moments that you realize you’ve stumbled upon something at the exact right time that you needed them in life?

Did you know that those moments weren’t as accidental as you may have thought?

Several years ago, I went through what I thought was a rough experience at the time. I had jumped into a job opportunity at what may have been the worst economic time in my lifetime. It was something that had seemed so promising at the time, and when it didn’t work out the way I’d hoped, a part of me was devastated.

But upon returning to my hometown, something interesting happened. I met a friend who had recently come from the exact same place (on the other side of the country) and had moved for exactly the same reason.

Even in what had seemed like a rough experience, my wife and I were able to connect with a family who had experienced the same thing. We were able to deal with some painful moments and even share some laughs through them. And after it was over, we began to grow close as friends.

Maybe your fortunate coincidence didn’t come from a bad experience. Maybe yours came from a great experience. And those happen too. All the time. But here’s when they don’t happen:

When you’re sitting around WAITING for them.

As is the case with most everything else, ACTION is the key to making coincidences and destiny happen. If you’re afraid to take chances, you may be waiting a long time for that amazing friendship, relationship, or even career.

When you decide to take action, you put yourself at risk for great experiences and for even difficult ones. But in both, you are putting yourself at a greater risk for people to come into your life when you will need them (and you will always need people).

Maybe you’ve put yourself out there, and maybe it’s scary. But somewhere in that action, there’s an experience or relationship that is waiting to begin.

Every action leads to experience, and every experience leads to a world of possibilities. How has a fortunate coincidence affected your life?

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