The Magical Life of a Blogger

The Magical Life of a Blogger

Please welcome Linda Hewett today to the Life of a Blogger series to share her blogging story! Take it away Linda!

My life as a blogger has been magical from day one. It was my perceptive son who suggested I start a blog, 3 years ago, as I was looking for a new writing project. I had never entered the blogging world before, not even to read one, so it was an eye-opening experience.

‘Widgets, plug-ins and categories’ – all were a mystery to me but with my trusty magic wand I soon got to grips with the jargon and with butterflies fluttering in my tummy, ‘published’ my first post in February 2010.

I hadn’t expected the whole ‘magical’ effect! Blogging means I’m in touch with bloggers and readers worldwide, and to my delight, everyone, without exception, is eager to help. When I get stuck and need some advice or guidance, all I have to do is email a blogging friend and the solution flies magically to my in-box.

I’m a Confidence Coach and love interacting with my clients. By writing about confidence issues on my blog I aim to help readers solve their confidence problems in a practical, down to earth way. My blog has become a focus for my writing and I believe my writing skills have improved hugely since I started.

I spend most mornings at my computer-

  • writing and editing,
  • reading helpful blog posts,
  • following on-line help from the many amazingly talented and experienced bloggers who have traveled along this road before me,
  • commenting and interacting with my readers,
  • commenting on blogs I follow.

I’ve added a Forum and Chat Room and I’m hoping these will encourage even more interaction between readers.

I can honestly say that the excitement and magic is still there, every morning, when I switch on my computer to see who’s arrived in my inbox or on my blog. The magic of the ‘blogosphere’ has transformed my life and my writing.

If you love to write and have a subject to write about that people want to read, I’d say give blogging a go! Dig out that dusty magic wand and start planning your first post.

Do you have an expertise or passion to blog about? Which blogs fascinate you? Tell us about your absolute favourite blog (apart from this one, which comes top of your list, of course…) and why you love it.

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