The Touched Life of a Blogger

The Touched Life of a Blogger

Today Yvonne Root shares her blogging story in The Life of a Blogger series where bloggers gives us a peek into their lives with their story and a photo of their workspace! Yvonne blogs regularly over here where she and her team “are all about using a handwritten journal”. Drop by after you read her story! Take it away Yvonne!

Grannie was born in Arkansas and grew up in Kansas. Her southern roots were displayed in her cooking – everything fried – and in her speech patterns. One of the words I heard her say many times before I finally figured out what she meant was “teched,” as in, “’At der feller is kinder teched.” Straight translation: “That there fellow is kind of touched.” Much looser translation: “That guy’s crazy.”

There are those who believe a person who finds great satisfaction, comfort and reward in putting words together to tell a story or pass on information week after week must be like the feller who’s “teched.” And, there are days I would tend to agree with that sentiment. I must be touched to return regularly and faithfully to the laptop which sometimes confuses me and other times confounds me. But I do keep coming back and coming back and coming back. I love it.

I come back because I’m touched.

One of the greatest reasons I return to the blog craziness frequently is because I’m touched. Touched by a growing understanding of, “I can do this.” Touched by the kazillion things I learn in the process of research. Touched by the support my family gives me when I need my blog time. Touched by the kindness of people (I know only because of our internet connections) who reach out to me because of what I’ve written.

Further, I’m touched by what other bloggers share in their blogs. From downright useful information to excitement about a subject, from sharing about mistakes they’ve made to telling about the heartbreak they’re presently facing I’ve found bloggers around the world who’ve touched me. I’ve found those ah-ha moments. I’ve laughed aloud. I’ve solemnly cried.

Grannie seems to have been right when she told me she sometimes wondered if I was teched too.

Have you ever been touched by other bloggers? If you’re a blogger, do you set out to touch others or does it just happen? Do you sometimes wonder if you’re a bit teched because you blog?

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