We’re All in this Together

We’re All in this Together

Those five words have never had more significance than they do today.

Like you, I am concerned about the coronavirus pandemic that is spreading around the globe.  And I am struck by the fact that the way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to socially distance ourselves from one another.  We – social animals that we are – keeping apart.

If there is any good to be found during these challenging times, it’s in the way people are coping.  From the Italians treating one another to musical performances from their balconies to the people on the front lines to my niece home-schooling her children, we are creative survivors.

Observe the global activity of people posting uplifting memes on social media and, hopefully soon, positive updates; of people reaching out to see how friends around the world are doing.  While we are encouraged to keep apart, through the medium of video conferencing, technology is helping us to stay together.

Staying together, albeit through video visits, is the cure; we must stay together as much as we can.

Today I will spend some time sitting on my porch to take in some peace and quiet and sunshine.  From our front porches, too, we can stay connected to our “neighbours”.

The other day, I checked in with a friend in Romania via Facebook Messenger.  The state of emergency had just been declared there.  He is unable to socially distance himself because he is a fireman-paramedic.  I said that I hoped this would pass quickly, that it all felt so strange.  He said, “Yes, but we are strong!!”  I interpreted this as a global  “we” and it warmed my heart.

We are strong.

We are going to get through this.

This is temporary,

or, as my mother used to say;

This too shall pass. 

Photo by Avi Werde on Unsplash

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