What Life Rule Would You Make?

What Life Rule Would You Make?

We know that bad things do happen to good people.  So let’s imagine for a moment that we could each remove one “bad thing” from the table of Life. What one Life rule would you make?

Would it be that no children should be hungry or abused or cold or neglected? Would you choose a clean environment – no pollution allowed – of any kind?

Imagine! We could eliminate corporate downsizing, unwanted transfers and economic crashes; financial stress! We could ban bombs, guns and other weapons. We could stop wars!

What rule would apply on a personal level? No one should be lost, no one would be lonely, or afraid. No one should have low self-esteem – let’s rule that one out. Every child would be a wanted child, loved by his or her family.

How about mandating kindness, love, sharing, understanding, listening, caring? Enlightened leaders in government, intuitive teachers in our schools, loving, happy people in all walks of life.

There are so many potential life rules, all of them valid but if I had to choose one I’d add one not yet mentioned. No parent should ever lose a child. I’d like to have that rule.

Will you play? What one life rule would you make?

photo Credit: Mike Baird

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