Why I Wrote a Book About Community Building

Why I Wrote a Book About Community Building

“We now depend on romantic partners more and more
for the support and social connection we need.
Most of us don’t live in villages anymore.
If we’re lucky, we live in a community of two.
And more and more of us complain
of chronic loneliness.”
Sue Johnson

Yikes! This is not good news.  But I agree with Sue Johnson.  We have never lacked Community more than we do today.

What is Community, you ask?  In a nutshell, it’s a group of people we can depend on for support and social connection.  But when you crack open that nutshell and look inside, you see that there is so much more to Community than you could have imagined.

I wrote a book about Community building for people who lead groups and are frustrated by things occurring within the groups they are a part of for which they have no response.

I wrote the book for people who are lonely, who want to enjoy meaningful interactions with fellow human beings

I wrote it because people say the word “Community” and keep on walking as if they have not just uttered the most beautiful word in the English language.

I wrote this book because I know of no other concise manual to guide leaders in building authentic Community with their groups.

I wrote it for our children so they may grow up in Community, something that will make them happy and worthy leaders of the future.

I wrote a book about Community because I think it’s important to bring Community to the world, and to bring the world into Community so that nobody anywhere ever has to feel alone.

It’s time we understood the potential for authentic, real, consensual, collaborative, supportive, inclusive, committed relationships among the people who inhabit this planet.  In researching it and reading it, I came to this understanding and, I hope, in reading it, you will too.

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I have always loved writing and community building. I’ve written a book about healing and happiness, The Happy Place, as well as a Community Building book, Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age,both available at any Amazon store. I’ve been through life changes that I thought were the end of my world, but I’m still here. You never know what will happen next. Isn’t that what makes life interesting?