Last Chance Before Summer of ’21

Last Chance Before Summer of ’21

Community Leadership Workshop

Only one more Kalliergo Community Leadership Workshop will be offered before the summer of 2021.  Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about the most evolved form of leadership and add revolutionary new tools to your leadership toolkit.

In this workshop, you will not only learn about Community Leadership; you’ll also learn how to facilitate a group’s evolution into Community – Community building itself –  and you will have an experience of the Community-building process.  This workshop will expand upon your understanding of group dynamics and show you how to lead in this new group setting.


Workshop Forum, Time and Dates

The workshop happens on Zoom; sessions run from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Eastern Time

The workshop has six sessions, one session a week for six weeks; May 26th, June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th



$180 CAD per participant.  Request a group rate if you have 5 or more participants in your group.


What This Workshop Gives You

  1. A bookSounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age
  2. Empowerment:  an opportunity to learn how to facilitate the thing that will help us deal with current challenges, Community
  3. Homework. Nope – none of that
  4. A workshop –  not a webinar, lecture nor an online course
  5. Escape: a retreat to a safe, relaxing space where valuable connections will be made

This workshop is booked and underway.   Contact me to be notified when we offer it again.

Photo by Ben Pattinson on Unsplash

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About The Author

I have always loved writing and community building. I’ve written a book about healing and happiness, The Happy Place, as well as a Community Building book, Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age,both available at any Amazon store. I’ve been through life changes that I thought were the end of my world, but I’m still here. You never know what will happen next. Isn’t that what makes life interesting?