Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • Who Are We Talking To?

    I was at Sunday supper with my family recently where out of two different conversations an interesting and disturbing theme emerged. The first conversation occurred before supper at the jigsaw puzzle table. My niece was talking about..

  • Trend 2012: Women-only Hotel Floors

    Have you heard about “Women-only” hotel floors now being offered to female business travellers in some major hotels? At these hotels, for a small upgrade fee, women can have fresh flowers and other pampering perks in their..

  • Why Do You Read?

    We welcome Melanie Thompson back for her second guest post! I loved what Melanie did on her blog so I asked her to come over and start the conversation here! She poses a deeper question here; not..

  • 2012: The End of the World?

    I thought long and hard before publishing this post as I like to keep things relatively positive here but we can’t gather to talk about life and pretend there aren’t a few doomsday theories floating around concerning..

  • Do You Worry?

    Do you worry? I used to worry. I started the week worrying; I moved into mid-week worrying and worried my way to Friday. I waited for orders and agonized over how to generate more income with our..