Monthly Archives: May 2012

  • What’s Your Greatest Pet Peeve?

    Did your pet peeve come to mind when you read the question? Do you know what your greatest pet peeve is? Here’s mine. I purchased a box of clementines the other day for what appeared to be..

  • Do You Have Too Much Stuff?

    We welcome Stacey back today for another fun post! Did you know Stacey is blogging now over here? Enjoy what’s sure to be an enlightening conversation by asking yourself the question Stacey poses: do you have too..

  • What’s Your Favourite Food Memory?

    Do you have a favourite food memory; a food you ate which forever consigned the time and place and company to unforgettable, delicious memory? I have a few which come to mind immediately. I remember coming home..

  • What’s the Big Deal About Community?

    Today the label “Community” is applied to any group of people who frequent the same place.  That’s not necessarily a Community – it’s often just a group of people who frequent the same place.  Some of these..

  • What’s Your Game-Changer?

    Today we welcome Galen Pearl as our guest author! You’ve seen Galen around Life, for instance, contributing thoughtful comments to the conversation. Galen blogs regularly at her place, here! Treat yourself to a visit! Okay then, take it..

  • How to Step Into the Now

    We often talk about living in the now here at Life, for instance. There are numerous books about it, notably, The Power of Now. Years ago a friend loaned me that book but I couldn’t get into it,..

  • What Will Your TED Talk be About?

    I love watching those amazing TED Talks. They represent years of thought, research, writing and teaching of the concepts about which the presenter is passionate all distilled into an eighteen-minute presentation! Imagine it’s you giving one of..