Yearly Archives: 2023

  • 13 Years – a Blogaversary

    Spoiler Alert: I’m going to become sentimental! Thirteen Years! I can’t believe it’s been thirteen years since I decided to start a blog. Starting this blog opened up so many things in my life that I never..

  • What “Community” Really Means

    What Does the Word “Community” Really Mean? When we hear the word community, we tend to think of geographically-defined groups such as cities, towns, or neighbourhoods; or we think of clubs, associations, or other groups with shared..

  • Kalliergo Community Building is on Youtube

    Kalliergo Community Building is on Youtube! Since 2010, you’ve read what I’ve written here at Life,forinstance about community building, and now you can hear me talk about community building. I’ve taken the plunge on behalf of Kalliergo..