Are You Better at Giving than Receiving?

Are You Better at Giving than Receiving?

How are you doing with the first Spiritual Law of Success? This month I have been practicing silence, meditation and non judgment. Awareness has been the biggest gift of these exercises. No longer can I judge unaware. It’s a start. I’ve also become more aware of the gift of silence. I will admit that the mosquitoes have kept me more often than not from my bench by the brook but I am learning to meditate in other places.

We’re heading into a new month soon so I thought I’d introduce the second spiritual law of success, the Law of Giving. The law is also called “The Law of Giving and Receiving.” Deepak Chopra explains “Because your mind and your body and the universe are in constant and dynamic exchange, if you stop the circulation of energy it is like stopping the flow of blood…you must give and receive in order to keep wealth and affluence and abundance…circulating in your life.”

Wait! What? Is he saying I should spend money? I think I can do this law!

Money, he says, is a symbol of life energy; “a result of the service we provide to the universe”. What you put out comes back to you. Deepak Chopra explains further that giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. So that the more you give, the more you receive. This is so different from the scarcity mindset that is all too familiar to many of us.

But there is a caveat: “The return is directly proportional to the giving – which is unconditional and from the heart.”

Deepak Chopra suggests the following exercises to apply the Law of Giving.

1) Wherever you go, bring a gift; a prayer, a present, a compliment
2) Receive what life offers with gratitude, beginning with appreciation for the gifts of nature and extending to the gifts of others
3) Make a decision to circulate wealth by giving the gifts of love, appreciation and affection.

Remember, you have to be able to receive, too, and for some (Yours Truly included) that’s often the hardest part.

Let’s see what next month brings as we practice the Law of Giving. What do you think? Are you better at giving than receiving?

I guess the videos for this series have been removed :-( Deepak Chopra doesn’t have a YouTube Channel where I can find them and I don’t want to risk this happening again so I won’t be doing the series of posts on this topic.

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