Are You Going it Alone?

Are You Going it Alone?

This is the seventh article in the series of articles about community building.  We’re talking about Support, the seventh and final pillar of a community. Settle in and share your thoughts.

I don’t believe there are any more beautiful phrases in the English language than these:

“I’m listening; tell me more.”

“We’ll figure this out together.”

“I’ve got your back!”

“I’m here; you’re not alone.”

You might be tempted to add, “I love you!”  but isn’t that what these statements are saying?  We never feel so loved as we do when someone says these things to us, do we?  How unthinkably sad to imagine someone who has no one to say these things to him or her.  Contrast that thought with an image of people who have an entire community of people who care about them, who are never without loving support.

Perhaps Support is the most important of all the pillars of community.  You may claim that commitment is not essential to you, or believe that inclusivity is risky.  You may feel one leader is enough for any group or that you don’t want to share the leadership, or that collaboration is something to relegate to the workplace.  You may even decry camaraderie (you’ve got friends, right?) and who really needs to be authentic anyway?  But no one can go it alone.  We all need the loving support of someone who cares about us.

A community is an unimaginably special place where the members care about one another, every single one.  When you are a part of a community, you never feel alone as you face life’s challenges.  And we both know; there are plenty of those.

Nobody should have to go it alone.  Everyone should celebrate the meaning of these words: “We’re all in this together.”  Because that’s the deepest truth of who we are.

Are you part of a community that has all seven pillars?  Which pillar is missing?  Would you like to lead this or another group into community?

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