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  • The 7 Pillars of Community

    At 124 words, this is one of the shortest posts in LFI history! Also, you may notice that I’m using to get these emails to you as the service I used until now is no longer functioning. Note: this means you missed the last (and so important) post: Please check it out and share it with your Ottawa friends. Thanks!

  • Are You Going it Alone?

    “I’ve got your back!” “I’m listening.” “We’ll figure this out together.” “You’re not alone.” Are there any more beautiful phrases in the English language? Today we talk about Support, the seventh pillar of community.

  • Are You a Leader?

    Today we’re talking about the role of leadership in a community. Are you a leader? (Of course, you are!) A real community is a group of ALL leaders. Hmm… let’s talk about that!

  • Where Do You Really Belong?

    We’re gathering at the LFI porch! We’re talking about communities—and cliques! We all need a place where we belong but there is a huge difference between the two. Drop by and share your thoughts!