Are You Looking at Life Through Rose-colored Glasses?

Are You Looking at Life Through Rose-colored Glasses?

I love the autumn! It’s my favourite time of year. Who could not love the way the earth morphs into the most beautiful colors, as if making a final curtain-call before settling into the white of winter?

This fall seems more bright and beautiful than others I can remember. I said this to my husband as we drove to town the other day. Look at the brilliance of the yellow, orange and red, I said. Then it occurred to me that I was wearing sunglasses that I had purchased just this summer. I wondered if the lenses of the sunglasses were affecting what I saw.

I took them off and oh! the colors were just a little less bright without them.

It make me wonder; should I wear them and enjoy what I now knew to be a falsely-bright autumn, or leave them home and see reality the way it truly was?

If I wear the sunglasses my heart will be dancing with joy every time I’m outside. Is it a bad thing to allow my window to reality to be colored artificially in this way? These “rose-colored glasses” are making my world a bit brighter and me a bit happier. This is a good thing because our expectations and our emotions manifest more of the same. Besides, what if this life is all a hologram as this video program suggests? Why would I settle for an ordinary fall when I could elect to experience an extraordinary one?

What are your thoughts? Are rose-colored glasses a good thing or a bad thing?

Photo credit: ND Strupler

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