Do You Strive for Perfection?

Do You Strive for Perfection?

Are you a perfectionist? I used to be. But now I’m thinking of giving imperfectionism a try.

I read this thought-provoking article about perfectionism and it made me wonder if perhaps I am already in transition. Imperfectionism sounds like a lot more fun!

I’m working on my second book, a book about community building, (which so makes my heart sing) and I love to announce to friends and family the word count I have so far, that I’m still at the point of pouring out my ideas, and that it’s “a glorious mess”. It is. When I think of it I know I have a monumental task ahead of me.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love the challenge of that. I have no idea of whether or not I’ll be able to achieve what I envision for the book and yet I won’t stop until I do. So in a way I am reaching for perfection. I have made the decision to prevail and I will. Striving for perfection is simply a way to set the bar high.

Is it a negative thing to be a perfectionist? It’s the same as striving for perfection, isn’t it? What could be wrong with that? I believe the determining factors are fun and motivation. If being a perfectionist is adding fun to my project or motivating me, then so be it. If it is subtracting fun from the project or putting undue pressure on me then maybe it’s a better idea to let it go. That’s simple math.

Imagine how life would be if nothing had to be perfect! Or imagine if we just decided that everything already was perfect just the way it was? That’s a perfection worth striving for; acceptance.

Are you someone who routinely strives for perfection?  Are you sometimes too much of a perfectionist, placing pressure on yourself that drains the fun out of an activity? What do you think makes someone a perfectionist?

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