How Do You Get Into the Christmas Spirit?

How Do You Get Into the Christmas Spirit?

When I was growing up, the Christmas season began for me with one very special event in late September; the arrival of the Sears Christmas Catalogue! I would sit with it on the Saturday morning when I found it on our front steps and pour over its contents. Sears knew more than a little about marketing. They called it the “Wish Book”.

The Christmas spirit that descended upon me then carried me through to December when I began my countdown. I was all about the Christmas spirit!

Today it’s different. We’re days away from December yet I don’t feel any Christmas spirit at all. I know it’s been fifteen months since Alex died but I still miss him so much. He loved Christmas. It was one of the two days of the year when he didn’t relentlessly sleep in. No one had to wake Alex on Christmas morning. I will always miss him at Christmastime.

But I know Alex would never condone such melancholy. First, he is with us so how can I say I miss him?  Can I use his physical absence as an excuse not to get into the Christmas spirit?


What kind of testament would that be to his memory, to his presence, to the love that was and is Alex?

So I’ve made a decision. I’m going to get into the Christmas spirit.

I know I’m feeling what I’m feeling because I’m thinking what I’m thinking. I can decide how I want to feel by choosing the thoughts I think and the feelings will flow from those thoughts.

The Christmas spirit is a feeling so it falls within the domain of my thoughts. Thoughts create feelings, which inspire actions. I’m hedging my bets with this. I’m approaching this room from both doors – thoughts and actions.

These are the actions I’m choosing to take:

  1. Spend some evening time browsing through Pinterest Christmas boards to collect inspiration
  2. Make my Shopping List and plan some evening shopping trips with a friend
  3. Pull out the decorations and decide how to decorate my house
  4. Catch some Christmas specials on TV
  5. Plan some entertaining dates and begin working on the menus
  6. Donate some gifts to the church gift drive for children

Not everyone is happy at Christmastime. When we are in the malls and around town we will see many who are hurting though we may not see their tears. Maybe that’s why we need to get into the spirit of Christmas so we can be a gentle light for those who need it during this too-often challenging time of year.

How do you get into the Christmas spirit?

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