Is Life Supporting You?

Is Life Supporting You?

Things were not going well for me. The problems were coming so fast I barely had any time to catch my breath after I’d solved one problem before the next problem showed up. I kept solving problems; they kept coming. I was becoming proficient at problem solving. But I didn’t enjoy it one tiny bit.

Then this past weekend as I was busy working on a computer problem I started having hosting problems with the company that hosted my blog. That’s it, I said. I’ve got to break this cycle! But how?

As I cast about for an answer to that question another question arose in me; “Why was Life not supporting me?”

That’s when I heard, in the faintest of whispers; “What makes you think Life is not supporting you?”

And of course, it was. Once I looked at the problems more closely I recognized this. The problems were transporting me to a better place. Problems with my brand new PC were redirecting me back to the Mac that was my son’s; a perfect, trouble-free machine. They were causing me to move my blog from a mediocre hosting company to a lightening fast one.

As I solved the problems that presented themselves I was clearing the path so I could accomplish something I’d only recently set an Intention to do, something that would require a lot of time and the peaceful absence of distracting computer/technical problems.

I plan to write my second book and I see now that Life was supporting that desire by helping me trim the sails so I would be prepared to glide peacefully into my next adventure.

Why did I believe Life was not supporting me? Do you ever feel that way and then discover that, all along, your deepest desires were being addressed?

I love that line from The Desiderata that says, “And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

How would we live if we knew the Universe constantly, meticulously and intuitively attended to our desires? How would your life be if you knew everything really was “unfolding as it should”?

Photo credit: Lee Cannon

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