What is Your Most Anticipated Event of Christmas 2010?

What is Your Most Anticipated Event of Christmas 2010?

My most anticipated event is the opening of presents on Christmas morning.  I’m as excited as I was as a child even though I know what’s in most of the packages. It’s the culmination of months of preparation and anticipation.

Since the “children” are grown and moved out into the world, Christmas morning has become even more precious to me. It’s a quiet parcel of time when the four of us will be together. While the night before we will be gathering with fellow church-goers and extended family and later in the day we will join the family at my Dad’s for the Christmas Dinner, on Christmas morning it will be “just us”.

As a child, I loved it when it was just us at home. Then it was my three siblings and my parents who made up the “us”. Now “just us” refers to my own small family. After twenty-four years, I am still amazed that I have this family; that one of me has miraculously become four! I’m grateful that on Christmas morning, for a few hours, it’ll be just us around the Christmas tree.

What is your most anticipated event of Christmas 2010?

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