What Would You Bring to a Desert Island?

What Would You Bring to a Desert Island?

Guest author today! You likely already know The JackB. He is a dedicated blogger. You can read Jack’s daily posts here and here! He came up with so many great topics for today that it was hard to choose just one! Okay Jack, let’s start the party!

If you were shipwrecked on an island and could only bring six things with you what would they be?

There are a number of ways of playing this game. One is to say that since you are on a deserted island you should not bring electronics because power would be an issue.

Another is to say this is just for fun and let people bring whatever they want to the island.

On a related side note I once wrote an essay about how people have used computers, smartphones, the Internet and social media to create our own deserted islands. So if you take it from that perspective than you could do the exercise with objects that require power.

Before I share my list with you and ask you to share yours with me I have another question. If we made it a list of 25 items would it be harder or easier for you to come up with a list?

1)      The Lord Of The Rings Series- It is one of my favorites and I never get tired of reading the series. There is an entire world wrapped up in it that always stirs my imagination. Anything that does that and helps me dream catches my eye.

2)      Family photo album- I have an excellent imagination and I dream in Technicolor but there is something reassuring and calming about holding the actual picture of those I love most.

3)      The Talmud- I’d want that more for the mental stimulation than any sort of religious attachment. I have a very active mind and that would help stimulate it. The discussions and ideas contained inside often correlate to modernity.

4)      A journal- I wrestled with this one a little bit. In theory I might be able to find/create/discover a way to record my thoughts using things I find on the island. But writing is such a big part of my life I can’t imagine not being able to do it and that journal is invaluable.  When I get rescued it will be of great interest to my family and the source of the movie that helps me make Mr. Howell look poor.

5)      Huckleberry Finn- Another one of my favorite books and filled with all sorts of fun stuff. Makes me want to build a raft and float away….

6)      A Universal Tool- Heck, if I am going to be stuck on an island and I can bring a few things I might as well take one of those universal tools with me. I am relatively handy but I’d rather use one of those than try to build my own.

Ok, that is my list. I am sure that when I read yours I’ll see plenty of things that I wish I had included on mine. So let’s get started. What six items would you bring?

photo credit: Cappucino Gal

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