Yearly Archives: 2013

  • What’s on Your Nightstand?

    They say one of the best ways to gain insight into a person is to have a peek at the items adorning their bedside table. (I know I read it somewhere!) I thought we might have fun..

  • Would You Like to Live in a Perfect World?

    At breakfast the other day my husband posed an interesting question. He asked, “What would a perfect world look like?” We considered the idea. In a perfect world there would be no birth defects, no injury, no illness,..

  • The Liminal Life of a Blogger

    Today we welcome Jane to the porch to tell her blogging story! Jane is a published author! She writes about our favourite topic: life! Jane blogs regularly over here! Take it away Jane! We’re drawn to what we..

  • Where is Your Solid Ground?

    I was feeling so under-the-weather.  I am rarely sick but this flu I caught after Christmas really laid me low.  By day ten I was really discouraged.  All that ginger/cayenne/lemon tea I’d sipped, all the rest and..