Do You Remember What the Question Was?

Do You Remember What the Question Was?

“What shows up is the answer
remember what the question was.”

I don’t remember who said that. I heard a guest say it on Oprah years ago and it stayed with me because it so intrigued me.

Imagine! What is happening in your life right now “showed up” because it is an answer to a question you asked.

I’d like to propose we expand on that quote to include: what shows up is the response to what you have been feeling. In my Reiki healing work I’ve observed that 99.99% of the time my clients’ emotional issues are at the root of the physical ones. In other words, the body is manifesting a response to what the person is feeling.

What if life works that way? What if our every thought and feeling was responded to, if our every question was answered? What if Life was always supporting us, even when it felt as if it was not? I think too often we don’t believe this because it is hard to judge events while they are happening. It may be that the perfect answer was just presented to us, but we don’t recognize it until much later. So much trust is required, so much faith.

Have you ever had the experience of receiving a gift that was something you’d secretly been wanting? I remember having my eyes on a beautiful cyclamen plant in the grocery store. I wanted one but refused to treat myself to this plant. Then dinner guests came bearing a gift. Yes, that’s right, a cyclamen plant! I had not told anyone that I wanted a cyclamen plant but the Universe knew.

That’s a frivolous (though fun) example. More often this theme plays out on my spiritual journey. Usually what comes up in my life is in response to something I’ve asked for. Life is pretty special in that way because if it is true that what shows up is the answer, you know that you are directing your life and that life is responding to your every thought, desire, and even every whim.

Could this be?

Seems it is all about knowing that Life is supporting you. Yes, we’re talking about faith in the idea that we are not abandoned and alone but very much supported in more ways than we can imagine or recognize.

What would you do if you knew that everything you wanted was making its way toward us in perfect timing with all the guidance you could need right this moment? What would it be like to “act as if” all your dreams are in the works?

Do you remember what the question was?

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