How Does Life Support You?

How Does Life Support You?

As you know, I’ve reduced the number of posts at LFI to concentrate on the writing of my second book. But if you know me at all you probably guessed I’d come out to the porch from time to time to see if anyone was here so I could talk about what I’m learning.

Yay! You’re here!

I’m reading two books right now that I received as Christmas gifts; Belonging: The Paradox of Citizenship by Adrienne Clarkson and Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson (I’ll be blogging about this one later). I’ve realized that these books are guiding me in the research for my book, providing valuable information to help expand and clarify the topic.

Life is supporting me in the writing of my book. Wherever I turn Life is standing there, tapping her toe saying “Here! This goes in your book!” It happened in conversations over the holidays that guided me to aspects of the topic that needed further exploration; it’s happening now with a random post or a video someone shares on Facebook; it happens every time I sit with one of these two books.

Then yesterday something profound occurred to me: Life is not only supporting me in the writing of my book. Life has always been supporting me in everything.

I rarely read one book at a time. Usually I have at least two books on the go. Often in the past I’ve noticed with astonishment that even though I was reading two completely unrelated books (one a novel, one an educational book) I was receiving the same message from each book. They were both eloquently speaking to where I was on my journey.

Knowing Life has my back makes everything feel magical. It makes my journey meaningful, telling me I have a purpose at all times, not just in the writing of the book. When I am mindful [Read: when I am paying attention] I recognize that every event, every experience, every “random” encounter is an integral piece of the puzzle.

Life pays attention to our goals, our plans, our resolutions. Support for our productions (like my new book, for instance) is ever-present but we tend to miss it because we get caught up in the busy day-to-day stuff of life. We miss the magic! If we have only one resolution for the New Year it should be that we pay attention to the many ways in which Life has our back. That’s my resolution for 2015.

Do you recognize the ways in which Life is supporting you? How is Life guiding you on your journey? When was the last time you noticed the magic?

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