It’s the Third Anniversary of Life, for instance!

It’s the Third Anniversary of Life, for instance!

I had a wonderful uncle who was big and tough and just a little scary, at least to me when I was younger. Whenever I went to town and visited him and my aunt he would bark at me in a gruff voice asking me what I was doing. One time when he asked I told him, “I’m going to Dalhousie University.” He demanded, “What are you taking up?” I said, “I’m an English major.” Then he said the thing that stayed with me all these years;

“Make sure you’re taking up more than just space.”

In the past three years I have tried to take up more than “just space” here in the Blogosphere. But It turns out that what I have attempted to give was but a small portion of what I have received.

On November 1, 2010, I wrote in my first post that I saw my life as a grand adventure. A year later I announced the publication of my first book with this post. With the tragedy in my life a year after that I lost my way but thanks to your constant presence and support I’m making my way back. I will always be so grateful to you for that.

Was my uncle right or perhaps wrong? Is loving life, being a light (a mother, friend, a travelling companion on the journey) not enough? I know I have a tendency to over-think things. That’s why I love to be around your balancing, calming, wisdom here on the porch.

If you live out your passion and share those gifts, can you be said to be doing more than taking up space? Or is there more that is required?

Are you taking up more than just space?

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