What’s your Favorite Comfort Food?

What’s your Favorite Comfort Food?

When I crave comfort food, I create a concoction we always called “peanut butter and molasses in a dish”. I’m not sure why we added the “in a dish” part, particularly since we mixed it in and ate it from a bowl.  Each of my siblings and my Dad mixed it to their own taste with different ratios of peanut butter to molasses. We ate it by dipping pieces of Lebanese bread into the mixture. Sometimes when I happen to have fresh Lebanese bread in the house, I crave peanut butter and molasses in a dish, even if I’m having a good day.

A few members of the community here at lifeforinstance shared their feel-good food choices. One person wrote, “Probably dad’s famous spaghetti sauce or mom’s pot hellion.” And another wrote. “Favorite overall meal is probably an Indian dish called Butter Chicken. I’m a salty guy over sweet. Anything salty makes me comforted – chips & dip, crackers & cheese yum”, and yet another said “Those cupcakes [in the photo of that day’s post] look pretty good right now.”

I know it’s not advisable to equate eating with comfort, but once in a while I don’t think it hurts. Shakespeare said: There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. I agree. Feeling good while eating something you believe is bad for you has to have more value than feeling bad while eating something you believe is good for you, don’t you think?  I believe the feeling is the determining factor particularly when we are talking about comfort food.


What is your favorite comfort food?

photo credit: Julie LeBlanc

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