Why is a Happy Work Culture Important?

Why is a Happy Work Culture Important?

 “In an organization with a community culture,
people are as happy to come to work on Monday morning
as they are to go home
on Friday afternoon.”
~Lori Gosselin

Happiness –  at Work?

A happy work culture sounds secondary to the bottom line, but it is essential to the bottom line for two important reasons.

  1. The people in your organization, especially in this digital age, are your brand ambassadors.  You want happy ambassadors, right?
  2. A happy work culture is an engaged workforce.  What is engagement worth to your organization?  Consider the cost of replacing lost talent, as we did in this post.

What Does this have to do with Community Building?

Community-building programs create a community culture.  In a community culture, people are not only engaged and happy, but they also communicate, collaborate, problem solve and think more critically than people in organizations that do not have a community culture.

Won’t Team Building Achieve those Goals?

No. Team building is comprised of exercises to help the group work better together.  It’s about strategy.  Community building is a process to facilitate the growth of relationships among the members of the group.  It’s about culture.

And as business Guru Peter Drucker famously said, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

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