Dear LFI: How Do I Fill the Inner Void?

Dear LFI: How Do I Fill the Inner Void?

This is the third post in the Dear LFI series where we converge here on the porch to answer specific, personal, life-issue questions posed by anonymous contributors. Will you offer your thoughts on this issue?

My life is going great. I have a wonderful family and a great circle of friends. I am in graduate school and I am on the path to a career I have always dreamed of.  When I look at my life, I am happy with everything I have done so far.

My goal in life is to live life proactively and with no regrets. Considering that I have already crossed 7 things off my bucket list, I believe I have been doing pretty well.

However, during the last couple months, both my professional life and my personal life have taken a major hit. My self-esteem has never been lower.

On one hand, I believe life is too short and precious to be wasted away in despair. On the other hand, all my efforts to bounce back up do not seem to fix the problem but merely put a band-aid on it. As the saying goes, when life knocks you down, you get back up.

But what if you get back up and feel like there’s something missing? How do you keep going with that feeling? How do you overcome it? How do you fill this inner void?

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