A Peek Behind-the-Screens in a Kalliergo Workshop

A Peek Behind-the-Screens in a Kalliergo Workshop

A Zoom Kalliergo Community Leadership Workshop is in progress.  Let’s take a peek at a screen.

  • All participants have their video cameras on.
  • Everyone is on a laptop or desktop so that they can everyone in the workshop.
  • Participants are not muted (unless they choose to be).
  • This is not a webinar, a seminar, a lecture or an independent online course; Kalliergo programs are live and interactive.
  • People are smiling:  Comprised of roughly 25% theory and 75% experience/activity, Kalliergo Workshops are fun!

Essentially, a Kalliergo program doesn’t just deliver information about community building; it gives you an experience of community building.

Are we talking about Team building?  No. Community building differs from Team building in four significant ways;  participation, format, goals and outcomes.

Whether you want to foster a more collaborative culture in your organization, streamline your onboarding process or optimize the success of your rebranding project, Kalliergo programs are your best option.

Ranging in length from 2 – 27 hours in length, Kalliergo programs are customized to the needs, budget, time-allotment and goals of your organization.

Contact me to see what a Kalliergo program can do for you.

Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

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