Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • How Do You Deal With Life’s Lemons?

    Let’s welcome Hajra today to bravely tackle a topic we usually avoid. Hajra is very active around the Blogosphere, engaging in conversation on many blogs you probably visit yourself. She also blogs regularly here! Take it away Hajra!..

  • What Is Real?

    We were vacationing in our summer place and my cousin told me her granddaughters were coming for a visit. I was especially excited to meet one of the girls, we’ll call her Sarah. You see Sarah, according..

  • Are You a Perfectionist?

    For most of my life I thought I might be a Type A personality, but then, I didn’t really know what that meant. I do now. It means I have to do everything perfectly; I have to..

  • What Offends You?

    Let’s welcome Melody Fletcher to lead us in this relevant and fascinating discussion. Melody blogs about the Law of Attraction here.  She explains the Law of Attraction in plain language! If you haven’t been over to her..

  • Is Chivalry Dead?

    When my niece Jessica (just call her my muse) talked about a discussion she’d had with friends about chivalry being dead or alive and kicking, I decided to research it and see what the general buzz was..

  • Are You Lucky?

    My sister won a trip for two to the Super Bowl! Her husband, the one who bought the winning ticket in her name, was over the moon about it. Yep – they were there! Talk about being..

  • Do You Budget?

    We welcome Melanie Thompson back for her second Saturday post! We had a lot of fun last time when she talked about reading! She’s got another interesting topic for us! Take it away Melanie! I have always..

  • Do you have a Bucket List?

    Guest Author today – Stacey Hughes! You’ve seen her here at Life, for instance before. Stacey has just started her own blog! Recently, she made a comment here that captured my imagination and I asked her to do..