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  • How to Create Your Personal GPS

    I was listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza on YouTube and I noticed he often says, as human beings we have the ability to make thought more real than anything else. That idea intrigued me. As I pondered..

  • Is Life Supporting You?

    Things were not going well for me. The problems were coming so fast I barely had any time to catch my breath after I’d solved one problem before the next problem showed up. I kept solving problems;..

  • Are You Living Your Ideal Life?

    And perhaps more importantly, do you believe that it’s possible to live an ideal life? I have thought a lot about my ideal life since I read Melody’s post which I talk about here. I lay in..

  • Have You Got it All Figured Out?

    “I finally got it all together and then I forgot where I put it.” ~ approximately accurate quote – I forget who said it Have you ever felt that way? Sometimes I feel as if figuring it..

  • How Do You Define Success?

    What makes a person a success in life? I learned a little about this when I was just nine years old and in the fourth grade. I had a wonderful teacher who joked with us and laughed at herself..

  • Do You Believe in Destiny?

    We’ve talked about happily ever after and now it’s time to talk about the mechanism which led you to one another. Do you believe in destiny? I love hearing stories about how couples meet. My family history..

  • Are You a Wimp?

    Are you a wimp? I am. I admit it. It’s nothing new. I have never been a very tough person. I remember having this not-cut-out-for-this-life feeling as a young adult. I know we’re all different, as if..