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  • 9 Community Building Dinner Games

    Playing a community building game crafted to guide the conversation in a more personal and inclusive way can help to knit a family together. Here are nine community building dinner games to play.

  • If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

    Recently I had the opportunity to hear a keynote speaker at a psychology conference at Ottawa University. At the conference Dr. Mario Beauregard presented his research on the neuroscience of consciousness. I scribbled notes quickly as he..

  • Why It’s So Hard to Change

    Why It’s So Hard to Change

    If you read my book, The Happy Place, you know how much I admire Dr Joe Dispenza and his book, Evolve Your Brain. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so hard to change yourself or your life..

  • Have You Ever Been an April Fool?

    Before I wrote about April Fools’ Day I thought I’d do a little research into its origins. Google produced many sites claiming to know them but in light of the topic, I decided not to take any chances…